Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

Date Published: 13 December 2006

Microsoft Robotics Studio Released

Officially this morning, Robotics Studio was released. With Microsoft Robotics Studio, robotic applications can be developed using Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio Express C# and VB as well as Microsoft IronPython. Read the Press Release and the PressPass Q&A with Tandy Trower.

Feature Highlight

Supported Hardware

This is just a sample list of some of the supported robots from Robotic Studio:

Visual Programming Language (VPL)

Targeted for beginning programmers with basic understanding of concepts like variables and logic through advanced developers needing rapid prototyping or code development, the VPL offers an abundant of features and control to get started quickly. A developer just needs to drag ‘n drop the services and connect them up. Furthermore, a collection of connected services can be created and exposed as a single programming block. While the toolbox is tailored toward developing robot applications, the underlying architecture is not limited to programming robots and could be applied to other applications. See online tutorials for developing with the VPL here.


A key feature of the Microsoft Robotics Studio offering is the simulation runtime. It has been designed so it can be used in a wide variety of advanced scenarios with high demands for fidelity, visualization and scaling. At the same time a novice can use simulation with little to no coding experience. For a more detailed overview of the simulator, visit the Simulation Overviewpage.

Deployment Tool

This exciting tool provides an easy way for developers to deploy the runtime code using only the dependencies required for a particular robot (manifest). Called DssDeploy, it simply creates a ZIP package with all necessary binaries and content for deployment to a PC-based robot or another PC.

Getting Started

Microsoft Robotics Studio downloads to get started and checkout the Channel9 Sandbox for other cool ideas.

Congratulations to the Robotics Team!!!!

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