Microsoft Mix 2006 Conference in Las Vegas

Date Published: 30 January 2006

Microsoft Mix 2006 Conference in Las Vegas

If you’ve been suffering withdrawal from Microsoft conferences since you left PDC 05 last September after going to TechEd 05 last summer, you can kick off the 2006 Microsoft conference season with a new one: MIX.06.

Microsoft’s other two big conferences do not specifically target web developers, although certainly there is plenty of relevant information for webheads like myself (go ASP.NET! woo!). However, this event is different. This event is for you, oh master of AJAX, CSS, and .NET. Here’s a brief blurb from the site:

Come to our consumer web conference,MIX, in Las Vegas on March 20 – 22 and learn how the next versions of these products, due later this year, are going to dramatically improve your customers’ experience. Explore a wide range of new Web technologies that Microsoft is delivering to help you unlock new revenue opportunities and lower development costs. Learn about the future of Internet Explorer and join us in a discussion about how we can build the ideal Web surfing platform to meet your needs and those of your customers.

  • Be the first to get the latest beta of Internet Explorer 7
  • Work with the members of the Internet Explorer team in the Compatibility Lab to get your site ready for Internet Explorer 7
  • Test drive “Atlas,” Microsoft’s powerful new framework for building cross-browser, cross-platform AJAX applications
  • Explore Windows Live!, Microsoft’s new consumer services strategy
  • Learn how to deliver revolutionary, media-rich web content with the new Windows Presentation Foundation
  • Find out how to extend your content, media and services into the living room with Windows Media Center and Xbox 360
  • Watch Bill Gates go one-on-one with Tim O’Reilly, the CEO of O’Reilly Media who was instrumental in coining the term “Web 2.0”
  • Hear from web pioneers like Amazon and eBay on how they are navigating the Internet’s next set of challenges
  • Choose from more than 50 separate sessions and discussions for web developers, designers and business professionals

Maybe they’ll even talk about Spang

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