Microsoft Auto and Ford SYNC

Date Published: 08 January 2008

Microsoft Auto and Ford SYNC

One of the themes of last night’s college championship football game (which, sadly, OSU lost, though not quite as badly as a year ago) during the commercials was the new SYNC technology available from Ford and Lincoln Mercury. I’ve been peripherally aware of this technology for a while, but these were the first advertisements I’d seen for the actual product. According to a recent press release, Ford Sync (which is powered by Microsoft Auto) will be available in 12 Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products in 2008. This technology will allow users (drivers and passengers) to access their mobile phone or digital music player via voice commands, and will integrate with phones via BlueTooth. Sync will work with nearly any digital media player, including iPod, Zune, and most USB storage devices.

I can’t wait (though I think I will wait for somebody other than Ford to offer this…).

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