What's the latest .NET roadmap?

Date Published: 31 May 2023

What's the latest .NET roadmap?

.NET Roadmap

The latest version of .NET is 7. The current roadmap is for .NET 8. .NET 8 is scheduled to ship in November 2023 and will be an LTS release. Some organizations find it advisable to only use LTS releases, but be advised that staying on an older LTS release when a Standard (STS) release is available may mean missing out on security and performance fixes that shipped in the STS release.

Themes of .NET Tool

You can use the Themes of .NET Tool (themesof.net) to identify roadmaps and progress on various .NET releases. You can drill down to see upcoming changes planned for different libraries (like EF Core) or Application Models (like ASP.NET Core or MAUI). You can also filter down to only see finished items (if you want to know what's most likely to make it into a given release).


Issues of .NET

A related tool, Issues of .NET, will let you easily find and filter issues on any .NET GitHub repo. You can navigate directly to GitHub from the results, or download them in CSV format for further tracking.

issuesof.net screenshot


If you're looking to keep up with the latest developments in .NET, the links on the page should be a big help. You'll find a combination of docs, press-release style announcements, and tools linked to actual GitHub issues that all show (with refreshing transparency) how Microsoft is progressing in its work on the next version of .NET.

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