Joining The Code Project

Date Published: 09 December 2009

Joining The Code Project

Those of you who follow my blog (both of you) may have noticed an absence of posts of late. The reason for the lapse was simple: Michelle and I were in the process of selling two of our business properties, Lake Quincy Media and, to The Code Project. It’s been almost a month since we announced the acquisition at PDC, so this isn’t exactly news, but if you want the full story, check out this press release:Lake Quincy Media Joins The Code Project to Deliver Unprecedented Developer Market Reach.

I’ve also joined The Code Project team as a Senior Architect. I’ll be working remotely from Ohio, but visiting the company office in Toronto periodically. I’ll be working on some cool new projects (one of which just went live today) and helping to integrate Lake Quincy’s systems with The Code Project’s. I’ll continue to be involved in community activities like blogging, speaking, and running the Hudson Software Craftsmanship user group, which I’m excited about. In fact, since The Code Project has a great sales and operations team in place, I should have a lot more time to focus on software development rather than sales, which had occupied a lot of my time this year.

Of course, Lake Quincy and ASPAlliance were built and maintained by a great team, and over the last year that team had been shifting its focus more and more toward consulting work under the NimblePros brand. Michelle, who was CEO of Lake Quincy Media, is now running NimblePros, which is doing some cool projects right now using the latest Microsoft tools like Silverlight.

This week I’ve been in Toronto for what will I’m sure be the first of many trips to work with The Code Project team in person. So far I’m having fun and really enjoying working with everyone, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads. I even had my first Ketchup Chip this week, which apparently is a Canadian thing, and tomorrow we’re going curling! I’m sure there will be pictures.

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