Introducing Pair Programming at Cinci Day Of Agile

Date Published: 30 March 2011

Introducing Pair Programming at Cinci Day Of Agile

Last weekend I presented at the Cincinnati Day of Agile event on Introducing Pair Programming (see on slideshare).  The event was nearly sold out with about 240 people in attendance, a mix of devs and PMs.  The content and (other) speakers I thought were great – Phil and his team did a great job.  I took a few pictures during the event, which you can see below:

Phil and Joel Semeniuk


Brian Prince


James Bender


Jim Holmes


The event went very well, logistically, and the content was an interesting mix of topics.  It was interesting to me viewing agile practices through the lens of project managers, versus developers.  It was also interesting to hear how many folks, especially ones presumably experienced with working on software using agile practices, who had never used or considered pair programming.  It’s kind of sad that Scrum turned out to have such wide adoption, compared to XP, since it tends to be silent on many of the practices that allow for agility that XP includes (TDD, pairing, collective code ownership).  Hopefully I succeeded in demonstrating the value and applicability of pair programming to some of the attendees.

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