Interview on Performance

Date Published: 09 February 2009

Interview on Performance

Last month at CodeMash I met with David Giard who decided to do an impromptu interview on the topic of web site performance. He just let me know that video is online. I’m actually quite impressed with the quality of the sound, considering that I didn’t have a clip-on microphone or anything like that. The video quality is pretty nice, too, though I’m sure it’s well below whatever the native quality was for the HD camera Dave was using.

The content of the interview focuses on web performance, including such things as how to improve web page load time by using multiple domains to download static files, how to use ASP.NET’s support for server-side caching, how to tune for performance, why to avoid premature optimization, and a little bit on distributed caching. It’s just over 13 minutes long, if you care to check it out.

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