IntelliCommand and JustCode

Date Published: 08 January 2013

IntelliCommand and JustCode

I’ve been using JustCode regularly, lately, but I’m still learning some of the keyboard shortcuts and features (and probably always will be). JustCode features a nice view showing all of the common commands that you can access at any time (from the menu, or via ctrl+shift+alt+/):

And of course, you can also change these, or even jump to another common set of shortcuts, in the JustCode options:

Now, these are all nice features, but something new I learned about recently is a separate Visual Studio extension you can download from the Visual Studio extensions gallery:

The extension is called IntelliCommand, which you’ll find if you search Online within Visual Studio:

The extension is available for both VS2010 and 2012. I first learned about it fromDenis Gladkikh’s blog post. When you combine IntelliCommand with JustCode, it can help you to discover and remember commands you’ve not used before (or for some time). For instance, since many of the shortcuts start with Ctrl, you can see the available commands as you press and hold Ctrl, Ctrl+Shift, and Ctrl+Shift+Alt, below:



Obviously, you can use Intelli Command to learn about all of the keyboard shortcuts you currently have set up within Visual Studio, not just JustCode. If you’re trying to determine an available combination to map to a new command, this is probably a much easier way to visualize what you currently have mapped than using the standard Visual Studio keyboard shortcut editor (which really, really needs a UI refresh). If you’re interested in playing with JustCode some more, you can download a free trial here.

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