In the IRR? Email ABC News

Date Published: 13 July 2004

In the IRR?  Email ABC News

ABC News wants to hear from IRR soldiers to find out how they feel about possibly being sent to Iraq or Afghanistan. Contact them here.

Also, the Norwich Bulleting wrote an opinion piece stating the obvious about the potential for a draft in the future -- but of course not before November's election.

In other news, the Washington Times covers a shortage in officers presently, along with some oft-repeated info on how the Army needs more soldiers, despite what senior defense officials would like to think. A Washington Post article examines the fact that more soldiers have been discharged for being homosexual than have been called up for the IRR, often for the same skillsets.

Finally, this Michigan paper article sums up my thoughts (and, to be honest, those of everybody I know) on the need for a larger active duty Army quite concisely. I could write my own opinion, but it would mirror this article.

By way of update, I'm fine and still awaiting transport to my unit. Once there, I may have some more interesting news, but until then there's little I can share aside from that I'm ok.

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