How to set up TRIM with Win7 and SSD Drive

Date Published: 31 January 2010

How to set up TRIM with Win7 and SSD Drive

I have an Intel X-25M SSDin my developer workstation machine (and it’s quite fast). However, I’ve heard from others that over time SSD performance can degrade due to sub-block level fragmentation that occurs as a result of write combining. Fortunately, newer SSD drives (like mine) support the TRIM command, but of course this only works if your system is sending the command to the drive.

How Do I Know if Windows is Using TRIM for my SSD?

Fortunately (and thanks to Ken), there is a simple command you can execute to determine if windows is sending TRIM commands to your SSD drive.


Run the following command:

fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify

If the result is 0, then Windows is sending TRIM commands to the device (which obviously needs to have firmware that supports TRIM for this to matter).

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