How having troops in Iraq protects people in the USA

Date Published: 29 September 2004

How having troops in Iraq protects people in the USA

I think many people who favor the immediate pullout of our forces from Iraq believe that our presence here is not protecting US citizens from attacks (and surely many have other reasons for wanting us to leave, but I'm just going to address one at the moment). I believe that our presence in Iraq is, in fact, protecting my family and friends and others back in the USA. Yes, our troops are being attacked daily here by insurgents and terrorists, but we are paid, trained, and equipped to deal with these threats, and I think every one of us would rather face these threats here than see innocent and defenseless civilians targeted in our homeland. Don't think that's a realistic threat, or that our presence here has anything to do with that? Think again. Several terrorist organizations have stated publicly that if (or I believe they may have said 'when') the American withdraw from Iraq, they will follow us back to our own country and continue their attacks. You see, it is easier for them to attack us in Iraq than in the US. I see our forces in Iraq as protecting US civilians in much the same way that a lightning rod protects a building. The lightning rod is out there just asking to get hit, but it's designed to be able to withstand the lightning and to be able to shield the building by doing so. So it is with our soldiers here in Iraq facing enemies of the US every day.

Anyway, my time is short, but that's my quick thought for the day/week.

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