Honorable Discharge

Date Published: 06 January 2006

Honorable Discharge

Today is a good day. I submitted my resignation back in July 2005 when my 8 year commitment expired (I was commissioned in 1997). They told me at the time that it would take 4-6 months for the resignation to process and they were not exaggerating. The orders and certificate were received today, although technically I should have gotten them a week or two ago since they were addressed to my previous address (I moved in September). The end result is the same though: I’m OUT. Woohoo!

Thanks again to everyone for your support and interest. I’ll continue to post occasionally about military issues and will of course continue to keep ArmyAdvice.org available for soldiers and their loved ones to communicate with and learn from one another. I wish all of you a safe return home if deployed and a happy New Year!

Steve Smith

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