Google Duplicate Content Filter Loses To MSN Search

Date Published: 27 January 2006

Google Duplicate Content Filter Loses To MSN Search

SEOChat recently ran an article pitting Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search up against one another in the are of handling dupliate content. Google has serious issues in this area, as many have discussed, blogged, and ranted about recently. In this article, the author has conducted an experiment with duplicate content and compared the search results from each of these three search engines over a period of time as duplicates of her content propagated across the Internet. Google filtered out the duplicates, but dropped the original source in the process. Yahoo fared somewhat better, but MSN Search managed to filter out thousands of duplicates and left the source website as the top 3 entries ouf of 16 (in all cases the search string was the title of the article that was being duplicated).

According to the author:

I was ultimately only 100% impressed with the way MSN handled the experiment. MSN seems to have the duplicate content filter right.

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