Goals for 2010

Date Published: 16 January 2010

Goals for 2010

I recently wrote about how I did with my 2009 goals, now it’s time to set a few for this year. Let’s start with two that didn’t go so well for me last year:

1. Get In Shape. By the end of 2010 I will be under 200 pounds. I will have achieved my Brown Belt in karate. I will have biked 100 miles. (I have a Wii Fit Plus now, so I’m sure I’ll also get better at many of the games on the system).

2. Blogging. This year my goal won’t be for post quantity. Rather, I want to increase my readership. By the end of 2010, I will double my readership (RSS) from about 1250 now to 2500. I will double December 2009’s 14,499 page views in December 2010 (note, 8,231 views in December 2008).

And one more:

3. Give Blood. I will give blood to the Red Cross four times in 2010. You can only donate blood every 56 days in the US, and you also shouldn’t give blood if you’ve recently been sick or medicated, which further limits the window. The theoretical maximum one could donate within 365 days would be 7 (6.5 but if you time it right you could fit 7 times in one year). I only gave blood once in 2009 but I think four should be attainable this year if I get started soon.

I’d like to continue to be active in my local community and to focus my blogging and speaking efforts on software craftsmanship, which I think is an important concept that many developers overlook or simply don’t care about. I’ll continue to build up our local software craftsmanship group, which is one of the only ones in the country (I only know of one other, in Chicago), and perhaps I will make it to an SC conference this year.

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