Fun in the Sun

Date Published: 27 July 2004

Fun in the Sun

It's been a few days since I've had a chance to post. Blew some stuff up today (yay!). I've been out on a few more missions in the meantime including one a couple of days ago that involved a decent amount of ordnance being destroyed. I got a decent little movie of it on my camera that you can view here (5mb). I'm also working on adding more pics to my galleries which you can see here. I'm working on getting an internet hookup in my room which will help me stay in touch with my homefront contacts and keep this more up to date. About the only other news I have is that I'm talking to a couple more newspapers about IRR interview type stuff, so we'll see if that leads anywhere. I think the story is pretty much a done deal at this point aside from perhaps some human-interest pieces.

There was some stuff I wanted to add in the 'what to bring / not to bring' category but that will have to wait for another post because it escapes me.

Oh yeah, one funny story -- today while driving around the desert we managed to get not one but two Humvees stuck in mud (which we pulled out without incident using our tracked vehicles). Out in the middle of the desert, stuck in mud/marsh. Ironic, I think. When we got back to the base we got all kinds of looks at our vehicles. Most of the folks on any given base don't go outside much, so when we come back dirty it's always cool because we're like 'Yeah, we actually went out and did some real work today, unlike you folks...'.

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