Exporting Blog Content from Community Server

Date Published: 27 April 2011

Exporting Blog Content from Community Server

I have some old blog content scattered around a few different sites, and it’s on my list for the near future to consolidate it as much as possible onto a single blog engine and domain – one blog to rule them all – at least for my own stuff. I wasn’t sure how to get my content out of http://weblogs.asp.net/ but a quick email got me the answer, which I thought I’d share. To export your content from weblogs.asp.net in BlogML format, just log into your dashboard and select Syndication Settings under Global Settings. Then, click the Export button under “BlogML Export”, as shown here:


That’s it. That will open up as a big block of XML – simply save it to a file. Then you can use a BlogML import tool to get your content into your blog of choice:

Hope that helps!

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