DogFoodCon Session on DDD with ASP.NET MVC

Date Published: 30 September 2014

DogFoodCon Session on DDD with ASP.NET MVC

Yesterday I presented atDogFoodCon, giving a slightly modified version of a talk I gave a week earlier atFalafelCONin San Francisco. The session provides those with little knowledge of Domain-Driven Design with a rapid overview of some key concepts and patterns used in DDD, and wraps up with a brief demo of a simple Guestbook application that begins as a monolithic everything-in-the-controller MVC application but is improved using some DDD-based techniques. The slides are available on Slideshare and embedded here:

Add Some DDD to Your ASP.NET MVC, OK? from Steven Smith

Both times I gave the talk, I ran out of time to show everything I wanted in the demo (sorry, it’s a big topic). One key area that I mention that you may want to follow up on is how to break the dependency between the UI/Web project and the Infrastructure project so that at compile time there are no direct references to implementation details in the UI layer. I recently covered how to use types from an assembly without referencing it in another article.

Of course, if you want to learn more about DDD at a much more reasonable pace than in this 60-minute overview, I recommend checking out the Domain-Driven Design Fundamentals course that Julie Lerman and I published with Pluralsight.

Finally, if you’d like to check out the source for the Guestbook sample I showed, it’s available on my Bitbucket account. The latest version wires up domain events to SignalR to show toast notifications whenever certain events occur in the domain. It’s still just proof-of-concept and would work better if the main button used an AJAX call rather than posting the full browser page, but it demonstrates the idea. There’s a better, more real-world demonstration of this same technique in the demo we build in the DDD Fundamentals course.

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