DevReach DVDs

Date Published: 17 January 2009

DevReach DVDs

Earlier this week, I received a package of DVDs from the DevReach conferenceI was invited to speak at last October. I’ve already written about my experience with the conference, but the arrival of the DVDs was a welcome surprise. Sure, you usually get such things at TechEd or PDC, but a small regional conference like DevReach? I wasn’t sure what to expect. After checking out some of the content, I was immediately very impressed. The packaging is extremely professional, as is the software for browsing through the session content. The actual video content is very high quality, both in terms of audio and video. The staff involved in the capture and creation of this content deserve to be commended – I’m very impressed.

I don’t usually have an opportunity to watch many of the other sessions when I speak at a conference. It seems I spend most of my time either catching up with friends I don’t see often enough, or working on my own presentations to ensure everything goes smoothly. These DVDs gave me the opportunity to watch several of the others speakers’ talks, as well as critique my own material, both of which have been very helpful.

I would love to see CodeMash, Ohio’s local developer conference, do something similar next year.

Steve Smith

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