DevExpress Earthquake Video

Date Published: 31 July 2008

DevExpress Earthquake Video

DevExpress is one of several companies I work with via Lake Quincy Media, and it seems like a very fun place to work. Recently they launched a video site to help showcase their products, and earlier this week they made a video showing the reaction of some of their employees to the 5.4 scale earthquake in LA earlier this week. Check it out, and then check out some of their other videos as well.

Incidentally, Mark Miller (Miller in the video – the bald one…) also has his own blog and spoke at this year’s TechEd. He’s the brains behind CodeRush and Refactor and is a good guy to keep tabs on if you’re interested in optimizing your coding experience (though he’s not much of a blogger). He also participates in the show Mondays with some very funny stuff.

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