Dell Dimension SATA Drive Windows Installation

Date Published: 17 February 2007

Dell Dimension SATA Drive Windows Installation

Last week I had to rebuild a Dell Dimension 9150 with an SATA hard drive and when I tried to install Windows XP I received an error saying txtsetup.oem not found when I tried to provide the drivers on a USB floppy drive. I searched for a while and found nothing terribly helpful so I contacted Dell via phone and chat (sat on hold on both – chat answered quicker). Via chat they were able to solve my problem as follows:

  1. Reboot and hit F2 on the Dell screen\
  2. Go to the SATA Operation section\
  3. Change to Combination SATA/PATA mode.\
  4. Reboot and re-attempt windows install

Windows XP was then able to see the drive without my having to use a floppy drive and F6 to specify/provide the drivers.

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