DDD with ASPNET Core Workshop at DevIntersections

Date Published: 14 February 2017

DDD with ASPNET Core Workshop at DevIntersections

I’ll be teaching a one-day workshop at DevIntersections’ spring show on Domain-Driven Design with ASP.NET Core. I gave this workshop, which includes an interactive lab in which you’ll build a working app, in October to a sold-out crowd, so you may need to register early to make sure you get a spot (or to make sure they put me in a large enough room).

When you register, at the bottom of the form there’s a discount code box:

Use my last name, “SMITH” to get $50 off your registration.

What’s Included in the Workshop?

In the workshop, we’ll cover the basics of DDD and ASP.NET Core. It’s a lot, so we move quickly. It’s an interactive course with hands-on labs, so you’ll want to bring your laptop with the latest ASP.NET core bits installed. You’ll learn how to structure your solution so that it supports testing, how to work with entities, and how to manage dependencies. We’ll also look at several design patterns such as repository, domain events, and the specification pattern. You’ll leave with all of the notes as well as the completed lab.

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