Credit Cards and Phone Cards

Date Published: 29 July 2004

Credit Cards and Phone Cards

Some more FYI info for anybody getting called up...

There are ATM machines as far as Kuwait, but none in Iraq that I've seen. For cash, you need to go to Finance and either cash a check or get a draw from your pay. Nobody in Iraq takes credit cards that I've seen. On the other hand, there's not all that much to buy...

For telephone, nothing here beats the Segovia IP phones. You get about 10 hours for $25 - something like $.05 per minute. AT&T phones are common, too, but the AT&T phone cards that have domestic minutes get used up 10 or 20 times as fast for international calls, so a 300 minute card would last an hour if you're lucky. So, get a phone card or two for en route, but once you're hear, go with Segovia (which you buy online and just get a number to use, no actual card).

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