CRC Info

Date Published: 04 June 2004

CRC Info

Upon completing my requirements here at Ft. Leonard Wood, my next stop will be a CRC, which stands for CONUS Replacement Center. The military loves acronyms, and this one is an acronym of an acronym. CONUS is short for CONtinental United States. Anyway, the CRC is the last stop for deploying individuals, and is where they return once they come home. I don't know exactly where I'll be going (which CRC -- or for that matter, what unit and where that will be), but the two main CRCs as I understand it are Ft. Bliss, TX and Ft. Benning, GA. Fort Benning's website has a bunch of information about their CRC, which I'm posting here for my own future reference as well as for any other interested folks.

Fort Benning CRC Info

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