CRC - Ft. Bliss

Date Published: 23 June 2004

CRC - Ft. Bliss

If you are an IRR soldier or otherwise think you'll be going to Ft. Bliss CRC, you should read all the information available on their website, here:

In particular, the schedule is more-or-less outlined here.

So far my experience at Ft. Bliss CRC has been a very positive one. They are squared away and organized and know what they're doing. We've gone through Day 2 of the above schedule and are pretty much on-track.

As I get closer to wherever I'm going, I apologize but I'm going to have to be more and more vague about my activities, for operational security reasons. At some point this site may degenerate into just “I'm still ok” posts for my friends' and family's benefit, but when I can I will continue to post information that I think will benefit soldiers who will be following me, in particular IRRs.

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