Coming Soon – Web Projects in VS 2005

Date Published: 05 February 2006

Coming Soon – Web Projects in VS 2005

Scott Guthrie has just posted an update on the new VS 2005 Web Application Project Template and VS 2005 Web Deployment Projects. You can always learn more about this project on hiswebsite dedicated to vs 2005 web projects.

Says Scott:

The refresh build of the VS 2005 Web Application Project we are putting out this week contains a lot of new feature functionality support.There are still some features that aren’t implemented yet (we’ll publish a detailed list of these when we make the build available). Our plan is to finish these out with a build that we put out around the middle of next month (we need to expose a few hooks in VS 2005 via a patch that we’ll be putting out then — which is why not all features are implemented with this week’s build).

A lot of people in larger organization were very disappointed in the lack of web projects because they saw it as a step away from ‘real’ app development in favor of making it easier for hobbyists to build quick little web apps. The ASP.NET team was very receptive to this feedback and this feature is a direct result of it. You can expect to see full support for these projects in the very near future (e.g. a few months or so), so these are definitely a feature you can look at seriously today if they will help you in your environment.

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