Caching in ASP.NET Show on dnrTV

Date Published: 01 October 2007

Caching in ASP.NET Show on dnrTV

Iā€™m on dnrTV this week with a show about Caching in ASP.NET, one of my favorite topics. I think the whole show is a bit under an hour and I go through a bunch of demos and show off some of the less-well-known features of caching, such as cache profiles, programmatic output cache invalidation, and the Substitution control that lets you have dynamic contents on a fully output-cached page. I also cover SQL Cache Invalidation and Micro Caching, the demo that helped win me Speaker Idol at TechEd 2007. It was fun to record and I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks again, Carl, for inviting me on the show!

Steve Smith

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