Blog Move

Date Published: 02 July 2008

Blog Move

Please join me as I move my blog to my own URL, I’ll continue to post there about more or less the same things I did here, but with a bit more control over the site layout and other features. The new blog is running on Telligent’s new Graffiti CMS, which really is as easy to get up and running as they claim. The look is currently a stock template, but should be updated to be a bit more unique in the next few days. If you’re already subscribed to my feed, then you’ll continue to get updates as my RSS will be updated (though I’ve followed ScottW’s advice and set up a CNAME for my Feedburner feeds – they now go through

I strongly believe in keeping URLs from breaking, and as such I will be keeping this blog’s content in place so that it continues to be a resource rather than a home of broken links. Thanks and I look forward to continuing to interact with you from my new domain/home.

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