Black Scorpions

Date Published: 25 September 2004

Black Scorpions

Things are going fine here. Getting settled in, have everybody here now that's not on leave.

Was out talking to my commander and the other LTs in the company tonight and when we got up to leave (after dark) we picked up our helmets and one of the other guys got stung by a black scorpion. It was 3-4 inches long and about 2 inches wide with legs. First one I've seen. It just got the guy on the finger and it didn't look very bad. I guess the black ones aren't too venomous compared to the little clear/yellow or red ones. Still haven't seen any camel spiders, but I guess there's plenty of those here as well. Hopefully I won't have any really close encounters.

Also, I posted some more pics in the galleries for September just now.

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