aspNetPRO 2008 Readers Choice Awards Published

Date Published: 19 May 2008

aspNetPRO 2008 Readers Choice Awards Published

A couple of weeks ago the aspNetPRO magazine’s annual Reader’s Choice Awards were published in their latest issue. DevExpress swept the awards, winning nine different categories as well as product of the year. I’ve blogged before about DevExpress and how I’ve been quite impressed with a lot of their tools (CodeRush, XtraReports, controls…). I’ve also gotten to know a bunch of members of their team over the last couple of years and enjoy hanging out with them at conferences and other events. While the Reader’s Choice awards are not as rigorous of a standard as, say, a Consumer Reports analysis, it is a strong indicator that a lot of customers are very happy with DX’s products. The fact that they were able to beat out tough competitors in the ASP.NET component space makes it all the more significant, and I hope it turns into increased success for them.

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