aspConf 2012 Sessions

Date Published: 18 July 2012

aspConf 2012 Sessions

Yesterday I presented two sessions foraspConf 2012. The first was a new talk I haven’t given before on ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices (which I dubbed the Solution to the Solution Problem). The second one was a talk on Common ASP.NET Design Patterns, which is basically I talk I’ve given for at least a year now on Common Design Patterns, adapted slightly for ASP.NET (mainly MVC). The slides are shown below. The sample code for the MVC Solutions talk used a simple Guestbook application foundhere. The samples code used in the Design Patterns talk is a fork of the MVCMusicStore application found here.

ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices

ASP.NET MVC Solution Best Practices aspConf2012from Steven Smith

Common ASP.NET Design Patterns

Common design patterns aspconf2012from Steven Smith

Video of the presentations is supposed to go up on Channel 9 at some point – I’ll update this post once that happens.

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