ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook Released

Date Published: 30 May 2003

ASP.NET Developer's Cookbook Released

My new book, the ASP.NET Developer’s Cookbook, is now available. I just checked Amazon and it’s still just accepting pre-orders, but I know it’s done because I have a copy in my hands! This book was written as a combined effort between myself, Rob Howard of the ASP.NET Team, and about 20 columnists from It contains over 200 task-oriented recipes aimed at solving common problems faced by experienced ASP.NET developers in their day-to-day activities. Some of the recipes are pretty basic for completeness’ sake, but this is not a beginner’s book. It is designed to be a quick reference on your desk, and I hope that many of you will find it useful.

For more information and (soon) sample chapters, check out the book’s website at

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