Announcing DevMavens

Date Published: 02 July 2008

Announcing DevMavens

This month marks the launch of a new site we’ve been working on to help recognize and support a number of influential bloggers in the .NET developer community. Please help me welcome the initial members of the DevMavens! These bloggers have been invited to be a part of this small but hopefully growing group based on their influence in the community, and the DevMavens site has been set up (using ASP.NET MVC, no less) specifically to provide a portal to reach these influentials. It aggregates and displays their most recent blog and twitter entries, and will hopefully provide a useful, easily accessible view of these influentials for the community.

We’re very excited to launch the site, which we only began developing in April and inviting members and seeking sponsors to support them in June. The sponsorship side of it is modeled after the very successful Deck network, which The Lounge has done a good job of emulating in the developer space with a broad group of bloggers. Our goal is complement their efforts – we want to focus on a much narrower group of influentials, and we are excited about our inaugural members. Please check out the site and let us know what you think!

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