Announcing AzureFeeds

Date Published: 09 November 2008

Announcing AzureFeeds

VB MVP Serge Baranovsky created a few years ago, and shortly afterward he helped me create using a fork of the source code. I’ve had some interns working on that code off and on and we launched a new and improved version of CSharpFeeds around the end of the summer. The purpose of both of these sites is to provide very focused information about the topic at hand, with minimal noise. This is achieved via moderation, not algorithm, with real volunteers choosing whether something makes sense to include or not.

With the improvements in the source code, we’ve made it pretty simple to create additional technology-focused sites, with the latest one being We finished up development on the site last week, which only took a couple of days including all of the IIS hosting set up and creation of the new database, etc.

AzureFeeds is a community moderated site, and we’re looking for volunteers who are actively using Windows Azure to help us find the most important feeds to consume and help approve/reject individual posts for inclusion on the site. If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you an invite.

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