An ASP.NET Core Quick Start

Date Published: 12 June 2017

An ASP.NET Core Quick Start

Last month I published a short video course on ASP.NET Core that should help you or your team members get up to speed quickly on ASP.NET Core. This ASP.NET Core Quick Start demonstrates how to be productive using either Visual Studio or VS Code. I’ve been working on ASP.NET Core since the earliest days, and have been contributing to its official documentation for the last two years. My reason for publishing this course is to try and provide a mix of “just what you need to get up to speed” and “tips that didn’t necessarily make it into the docs”. Hopefully I’ve succeeded, but please let me know what you think of the course and what future courses you’d like to see published around this topic.

The course covers the following ASP.NET Core topics:

  • Goals and Benefits of ASP.NET Core
  • Installing ASP.NET Core – Framework, SDK, and Tools
  • Creating ASP.NET Core Apps with Visual Studio and the CLI
  • ASP.NET Core Startup
  • ASP.NET Core Middleware – Built-in and custom
  • Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core
  • ASP.NET Core MVC and Web APIs
  • Testing ASP.NET Core Apps
  • Clean DDD Architecture


Kevin O’Shaughnessy writes:

[another course] has been one of the most popular courses on Pluralsight for a long time now, but I haven’t watched much of it because 9 hours and 33 minutes is too big of a time investment for me.

I like the fact that Steve Smith’s course keeps things very simple and sticks to just the stuff that you really need to know. It focuses on understanding the ASP.NET Core technology rather than getting bogged down with everything else needed to write professional applications.

I welcome reviews of the course. Please send me a link to yours and I’ll try to include it here.

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