Adapter Design Pattern

Date Published: 01 April 2020

Adapter Design Pattern

A couple of months ago I published a new, revised course called C# Design Patterns: Adapter on Pluralsight. It's one of my favorite patterns and its predecessor, the Design Patterns Library, remains one of the most popular courses of all time on Pluralsight. It's almost 16 hours long but I encourage you to get through it as an achievement if you can. Look for a revised learning path through the many individual design pattern courses to come in the near future.

The objective of the adapter pattern is to allow a client that expects a certain interface to work with an incompatible interface. One really cool thing about this particular software design pattern is that it has an extremely well-understood analog in the real world in the form of electrical plug adapters. Most people understand how such adapters work, and of course there are adapters for many other things as well, and the software pattern works similarly.

Once you understand the intent of the pattern, there are some useful tips for applying it well in your C# applications. That's where the real value of the course comes from. It's only 24 minutes, which if you watch it at 1.5x speed will only take you about 15 (see how you can listen faster as a super power, here).

Learn the Adapter Design Pattern for C#

I have a few other pattern courses in my queue that should all be published before summer. They include the Proxy design pattern, Singleton design pattern, and a design patterns overview course that hopefully will kick off the learning path I mentioned earlier. I hope you'll check them out and find them valuable.

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