A few more useful items

Date Published: 20 July 2004

A few more useful items

1. FRS Radio and/or GPS. The Rino 120 works as both but chews through batteries. The radios can be useful for non-tactical usage on bases. 2. Name tapes - you'll want some extra ones of these for your bags, IBV (bulletproof vest), boonie hats, trousers (a lot of folks put them above the back pocket), etc. I know you can get them at FLW or Ft Bliss -- not sure if anywhere in Kuwait or Iraq does them. 3. Under Armour T-Shirts (and Boxer Briefs). Brown Loosegear is my preference for the shirts. These things are the best I've found. Cotten is horrible. HeatGear style is ok, and you can buy them at the PX in Balad but they're super-tight, like wearing spandex, and are hard to keep tucked in because they're not very long. The LooseGear ones have the same moisture-wicking qualities but wear more like a regular t-shirt. They give you some polyester shirts, too, and they're better than cotton, but not as comfortable as the UA gear. Downside: expensive. $20 per shirt. Worth it to get a couple, though, if only so you can see the difference. 4. PT uniforms - bring at least 2-3. I only brought one (since I had to buy my own and didn't know how much PT would be going on here). Since PTs are pretty much the only 'casual' clothes you can wear around (e.g. not DCUs), you'll want a few sets (in addition to being used for PT and perhaps as sleepwear). Caldwell has no PX so it was tricky for me to get any after arriving here, but Chris hooked me up today while he was offbase at a place with a PX. 5. Carabiners - Bring about a dozen of these of different sizes. They're super handy. Along with the usual must-have items: 550 cord, bungie cords, and 100MPH tape.

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