Army Officer Resignation Information

Date Published: 01 August 2005

Army Officer Resignation Information

Last Monday was my eight-year anniversary from my commission date, and I submitted my official resignation effective on that date. According to my Career Management Officer (CMO), resignations are taking several months to process, so I wonโ€™t know if mine is accepted for some time. I was able to submit the request via email but I also send hard copy as well to be sure (and I received confirmation of receipt for both methods). I thought Iโ€™d share some links here for anybody else who is interested.

You will find a nice sample resignation letteron the HRC website. There is also a link there with guidance for how to go about submitting your resignation letter, depending on what your current unit affiliation is. That was pretty much all I needed. Iโ€™ll post back here if and when I get a response.

Update: Donโ€™t know whom your CMO is? Email here: with your contact info and ask.

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