London Attacks

Date Published: 07 July 2005

London Attacks

Instapundit has lots of coverage and links here. One that caught my eye was this arabic article on alarabiya, which has a number of comments in English, including this one:

This is WRONG!!!

The Iraqi Lion |07/07/2005 ?? 17:3 (????????)?14:3 (???????)

Dear All .. I am Iraqi man from Basra .. and I think that what happened this morning in London is a totally wrong thing. It is not the solution .. I am just asking those people who have decided to work on behalf of Muslims in Europe, and used that Islamic name .. who gave you this authority to take this name .. what are your bloody ideas .. what are your goals??? Do you think you are building any consideration for Muslims around the world .. Last word I want to say .. I am Iraqi .. from Basra … and I see that the British Army are here to Help us in Iraq .. and you .. the sleeping Arab … you are NOT ALLOWED to talk on our behalf to the world that British are bad people and they are killing Iraqis .. If you are honest, ask your bloody governments of a piece of FREEDOM … Thanks

My thoughts are with the people of England today and I hope they will find those responsible and that these attacks on innocent civilians will steel the resolve of the British people against terrorists everywhere.

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