MilBlogging at BlogNashville

Date Published: 29 April 2005

MilBlogging at BlogNashville

RandomProbabilities reports:

I’ll be leading a session on milblogging at the BlogNashville conference in May, representing both Winds of Change and this site. Among the milblogers who will be present are Bill Roggio of The Fourth Rail(and other sites), Tim Schmoyer of Sisyphean Musings, Donald Sensing of One Hand Clappingand USMC _Vet of WordUnheard. If you’re a milblogger — or read them regularly — or if you report on military matters, you won’t want to miss this chance to meet people and talk about the impact of military bloggers. And if you’re serving in the armed forces and are thinking about blogging, this will be a great chance to talk about the hows of milblogging — and the downsides.

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