Iraq Resistance 'begins to crack'

Date Published: 28 March 2005

Iraq Resistance 'begins to crack'

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Iraqi resistance begins to crack after elections

The Iraqi resistance has peaked and is ‘turning in on itself’, according to recent intelligence reports from Baghdad received by Middle Eastern intelligence agencies.

The reports are the most optimistic for several months and reflect analysts’ sense that recent elections in Iraq marked a ‘quantum shift’. They will boost the government in the run-up to the expected general election in May.

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It would seem to me, and to others too I think, that the successful elections have done a great deal to secure Iraq. In hindsight it seems incredibly foolish that some argued that the elections should be delayed until the country was more secure, not realizing that the elections were a means to ensure that in themselves. Of course, things could have gone differently, and I’m sure catastrophic elections would have led us to a different outcome (one perhaps preferred by the anti-war pro-insurgent crowd). But given how things did in fact go, I don’t think any but the most uninformed could argue that holding them on schedule was the right course of action to pursue.

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