After Action Report of US Reaction to Ambush

Date Published: 26 March 2005

After Action Report of US Reaction to Ambush

This is a great account of how a single squad of US MPs managed to thwart a deliberate ambush being performed by several dozen insurgents. Blackfive has the story, which includes a video that was taken from the insurgents β€” apparently they were planning on showing it off on al Jazeera or something after killing and/or kidnapping their targets. That didn’t happen. There are some learning points for anybody in theater, too, such as:

  • Have a consistent load plan with extra ammunition in vehicles; leaders ensure all vehicles are the same
  • CLS train everybody (and be sure to have CLS bags, even if you have to go with home-made ones)
  • Cross train all soldiers on all weapons systems (the medic in the report credits his NCO with having forced him to learn how to fire the AT4 the week prior)

Read the full story. Download the video. The video is about 3.5 minutes long and is 5MB. It’s very hard to see much for most of it because the cameraman has very unsteady hands. However, you can see the arrival of the MP squad in the last few seconds of the video.

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