3DFTP Client >> WS_FTP(lite) Client

Date Published: 08 June 2004

3DFTP Client >> WS_FTP(lite) Client

I’ve been using WS_FTP for a LONG time (the free/lite version) and recently I had the need to download something with resume capability (my ‘net access is intermittent at best here at Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri). So I did a quick search and found 3dFTP, which I downloaded and have been very happy with. It’s multi-threaded, so it will download several files concurrently. Somehow, that makes for a much faster overall download speed (I’m not sure why that is, but it is), as much as 5x as fast in my (limited) experience (they claim up to 20x, I believe). Anyway, check it out. And for all I know the latest and greatest version of WS_FTP does all this as well, but for whatever reason I felt like trying something new (so no this isn’t a fair apples-to-apples comparison of 3dFTP and WS_FTP).

Steve Smith

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