34 Hours to Departure for PDC 2003

Date Published: 24 October 2003

34 Hours to Departure for PDC 2003

My flight leaves at 0535 Monday morning from Akron-Canton, getting me into Los Angeles at 0951. I figure I’ll probably make it to the hotel by 11am and the convention center by noon, which means I’ll miss the keynotes.

I’m looking forward to meeting a ton of folks at PDC this year. I think I’ve got more meetings set up than sessions to attend, so I guess I’d better order the DVD with the slides. I can’t wait to be able to write some articles about Whidbey on AspAlliance.com. I got the latest issue of aspNetPRO, in which I wrote an article for this month’s issue (being released at PDC and devoted to Whidbey), and there is a lot of great content in it (Paul Wilson, G. Andrew Duthie, Stephen Walther also contribute, and there is an interview with Scott Guthriethat should definitely not be missed.) So anyway, reading that has me itching to publish some v2 stuff on AspAlliance.com, so look for some good stuff next week.

Stop by Wednesday in the exhibit hall from 2pm-2:45pm. Rob Howard and I will be signing copies of our book, the ASP.NET Developer’s Cookbook. You can sign up for the 2.0 cookbook, which will be full of all-new recipes for Whidbey, and receive a discount when it’s published.

I also got an ‘I’m Blogging This’ T-Shirt for PDC which reminds me quite a bit of the McDonald’s ‘I’m Lovin’ It’ campaign that they’re running now. I’ll be sure to wear the shirt at least one day this week.

I’m in town until Thursday night – my flight is at 2255 (10:55pm), which gets me home at 0950 Friday. Humorously, I have an appointment Friday morning at 1030 that I’m supposed to be awake for – we’ll see how that goes.

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