C# Feeds and News

Date Published: 31 July 2006

C# Feeds and News

Today CSharpFeeds officially goes live. This is a pet project of mine and Gregg Stark’s based on Serge’s VBFeeds.com site and its source code (thanks to Serge for letting me see the source!). VBFeeds is a great place to find just VB information from the top VB people, moderated so that it doesn’t include posts about going on vacation or other personal posts. C# Feeds seeks to do the exact same thing, but for C# content, rather than VB. If there’s a C# feed we should be pulling that we don’t have, let us know. We’ll be adding a suggest a feed mechanism fairly soon, though I’m not sure what that translates into in real time.

Oh yeah, ad we updated all of Serge’s admin tools to use Atlas. Anonymous users won’t see any difference, but it totally speeds up the post moderation process. Very cool.

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