2008 Goals Recap

Date Published: 04 January 2009

2008 Goals Recap

Last year I decided to blog some personal goals that I had for the year. It’s widely known that the act of writing something down greatly increases the chances that one will actually take the action necessary to achieve the goal, and I figured blogging it might further increase my odds since there’s the whole public commitment factor added in. I’ll be brief since I already did an 11-month status update a month ago, and not a huge amount has changed since then.

I’d hoped to hit 200 blog posts for the year. In 2007 I managed 144 posts. In 2008 I wrapped up the year with 184 blog posts if my count is correct (I moved my blog mid-year, so the counts are coming from two sources). So, I did not achieve the goal, but I did improve on my previous best and I hope I did so without hurting the quality of my posts overall, and thus the goal did at least help me to be better. I was going for a 39% increase and I managed a 28% increase.

My second goal was to lose 17 pounds. For a while there it was looking pretty good. Around 1 April 2008 I was at –10 pounds from 1 Jan 2008. However, most of the year I hovered around not much less than where I started, and on 1 Jan 09 I was at just –2 from a year prior. Still, some progress made, and it was on my mind most of the year to try and stay fit and eat in moderation, so despite not achieving the goal, having the goal I would say was beneficial.

My third goal was to write a book, and I’ve given up on that specific project and for the foreseeable future I don’t think I’ll be writing any books. I might contribute a chapter or otherwise do something book-related and limited in scope, but that’s about it.

My other two goals were both achieved. One was to get a puppy (who is now about 200 pounds) and the other to get my purple belt in karate. I’ve been thinking about what my new goals for 2009 will be, and how I might better choose my goals to align with where I’d like to be a year from now.

Unrelated to the goals I set, but having some impact on my ability to meet them, was the fact that business was very good for Lake Quincy Media, and Michelle and I purchased office space in Hudson, Ohio which we plan to move to later in 2009 after we’ve built it out to suit our needs. The space has existing tenants, so entering the new business of landlord (not to mention commercial real estate purchasing) has been a time-consuming learning process. As a result of the building purchase and general work/life imbalance, there’s not been as much time for proper exercise or even a planned vacation. I hope to change that in 2009.

Did you set any goals? Did you publicize them? Did either help you achieve, or at least make positive progress toward, your goals? How do you think 2009 will be for you?

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