New Caching Video

Date Published: 17 July 2006

New Caching Video

I recored a quick video demonstrating the effects of a very short duration cache on a page that’s hitting the database more than 1/second (microcaching). This is one of my favorite demos when I give my caching presentations – I believe I first saw Rob Howard do pretty much the same demo quite a few years ago so credit goes to him for the idea. You’ll find the video in the ASPAlliance Videos section, here.

It was my first Camtasia video in years and I’m using a pretty cheap microphone, so I apologize in advance for the audio quality. All in all it went reasonably well, though. I’ll try to record a few of my other caching demos as videos this week, too, so that when they fail during a talk I can just pull up the video and play it so the audience can at least see that yes, it does work, at least sometimes…

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