Handy PowerPoint Tips

Date Published: 12 September 2005

Handy PowerPoint Tips

Clemenscame up with a

handy VBA macro that makes copying diagrams from one PPT to another much less

painful. He explains

the problem in more detail in his blog entry, but the basic issue is that

different powerpoint files may use different color schemes. Copying from

one to another may change all the colors in your diagram, often in ways you’d

prefer to avoid.

Another trick I recently learned about is PowerPoint’s Presenter View.

You’ll find this under Slide Show > Set Up Show, as a checkbox.

Assuming you have two monitors set up (and/or a projector for presenting), this

will allow you to view notes, a running timer, and a preview of the next slide

on your machine while the audience sees the usual full screen slide show.

Very good to know, and something I’ve wished for often (yet never realized was

just a click away).

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