Date Published: 04 August 2005


Cindy pointed me to Konfabulator last week, and I had a

chance to download it and set it up a couple of days ago. It’s pretty

slick. They were recently bought by Yahoo! and now the whole thing is free (I guess

it used to cost $40 or something). Basically it’s a framework for widgets

that live on your Windows or Mac desktop. There are a bunch of widgets

that come with it, and several hundred submitted from community developers.

I’m using a small calendar widget, a countdown widget, a picture slideshow

widget, and a weather widget on my spare monitor right now. I’ve also got

a widget installed that lists the Google Page Rank of a list of sites.

You can create your own widgets, but I haven’t gotten into that yet. I

do have a couple of requests for widgets if anybody knows of them (or wants to

build them) — an Alexa rank widget just like the Google Page Rank widget, and a

ToDo Task List that ties into Outlook’s task list and only shows me today’s


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