VSTSOffSite Opportunity

Date Published: 30 June 2005

VSTSOffSite Opportunity

Ok, so I just finished a 3-day Ascend class on VSTS and one thing I’m disappointed by is the fact that I most likely won’t be able to use VSTS to replace SourceGear Vault immediately, since I collaborate with developers over the Internet all over the world, and VSTS does a lot of stuff via AD or direct network access.

The only solution for over-the-internet work is a VPN, which at the moment I don’t have, though I guess I should probably start looking into what’s involved with that.

However, this sounds a lot like the issues involved with Visual SourceSafe that led to SourceGear’s first big product, SourceOffSite. Wouldn’t it be cool if some enterprising company (like, maybe, SourceGear) were to offer an add-on to VSTS that allowed it to work over the Internet without requiring any VPN? I know I’d be very interested in that.

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