Tech Ed Day 0

Date Published: 05 June 2005

Tech Ed Day 0

I spent today at an INETA User Group Leader summit, which was pretty interesting but more so for (not surprising) user group leaders than folks like me (who speak at user groups, but don’t organize them). It was good to meet a lot of people either for the first time or whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I registered today and the lines were not bad. Got a nice bag full of stuff that I haven’t gone through yet but which I’m now lugging around with me in addition to my very heavy laptop. This evening there’s some social stuff going on with the INETA folks that I may hang around for, as well as a subject matter expert training thing I need to stop in for at the convention center.

For anybody who is really feeling like they missed out by coming, I will at least say that the weather thus far as sucked. It’s been pouring rain pretty much all day today, and it was overcast and pretty yucky yesterday evening when I got here, too. The forecast calls for rain all week, but hopefully not so much as we’ve had today.

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